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Phoenix Sentry Monitoring System

Monitor + Collector Collector Monitor


"You no longer have to look for the data — the data will be looking for you!" ©

The Phoenix System is a turnkey remote monitoring system that enables you to monitor your information via the Internet. If you want 24x7 access to your remote or unattended equipment and would like to eliminate costly site visits, then FSI Phoenix is for you! FSI Phoenix is simple to install and simple to use.

FSI Phoenix Provides:

  • continuous, reliable equipment monitoring
  • worldwide, secure, 24x7, access to accurate information about your equipment
  • a generic web-based portal that can be tailored to your liking & specific requirements
  • fully configurable alarms and warnings
  • automated alarm/warning notifications (SMS/email) to your mobile phone or PDA
  • data acquisition and storage for immediate or future analysis



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